The European staff of the AEX ITALIA is composed of professionals with more than thirty years of experience in the field of gifts and import of objects dedicated to the promotion.

Our job consists in the continuous research of products and processes, selecting the raw materials to be able to create more and more articles that meet the quality and especially the budget of our customers. We are particularly attentive to the processing stages of products that normally take place in factories certified and controlled by the customer himself or by organizations that respond to the customer.

In Italy normally all the design and engineering phases take place, the design and the prototyping, after which, after obtaining the customer’s approval, all is sent to the Asia office for the subsequent processing and production.

In our Italian office we are present only with a staff that follows the customer’s requests that are in turn processed, filtered and sent to our correspondents in Asia where they follow the stages of development, and production.

AEX ITALIA is a company founded in 2009 by a team of professionals specialized in the research, production and sales of promotional object. The experience with the contact and the development of promotional sector has enabled the founders of AEX ITALIA to become European leader in this sector. AEX ITALIA provides the customer a staff of technicians to study, design, test and bring to market more new and innovative promotional campaigns with the goal of increasing sales to final customers and ensure their loyalty.
Important International Groups rely on the staff of AEX ITALIA who knows well the needs and considers, therefore, very important to the quality, price and the respect of delivery times.

AEX ITALIA therefore offers the experience in the search for ideas and solutions that enable customers to achieve market growth objectives and new customers. Our clients are mainly in the publishing sector and to serve them in the best way, in the last two years the method of working became fully outsourced, fully dedicated to the creativity and the development of ideas where are working architects, designers and prototyping specialists.
For this AEX ITALIA it is now able to give the customer the maximum assistance in the creation and production of promotional product.

The main weapons that allow AEX ITALIA to be competitive and different from the competitors is undoubtedly the quality and the speed. The staff of the AEX ITALIA is able to turn the idea into a prototype in a matter of hours coordinating the forces both in Europe and in the Far East.

Thanks to technologically advanced machines can perform any changes requested by the customer very quickly. This way of working allows you to shorten the selection timing of the items under test and allows the customer to have an immediate visual response article that a few hours before it was conceived and designed.

With this method of work was born the object flow-pack launched on newsstands important Editorial Groups that is having a huge success both in Italy and in foreign markets.

The production of the articles is followed directly by personnel checked by AEX ITALIA in factories located normally in some countries in the Far East such as Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, but it is above all China the country where it produces 90% of the articles. China is still the only country in the world can guarantee, to tight deadlines, huge productions to an excellent quality / price. In China AEX ITALIA cultivates strong relationships with trading companies based in Hong Kong and China, that act as a filter, control and coordination of the factories production.

All this guarantees the customer a complete service that includes, not only the supply promotional object, but also the design, consultancy, the graphics and media hype.



Starting from February 2019 we will be more present on the Chinese territory and on other South-East Asian countries thanks to a joint-venture with an Italian-Chinese company.

Our priority has always been to provide excellence, with this agreement we will be able to offer a constant and complete quality control service in the production factories with the help of European and Chinese staff who will be available to attend the customer in the factories

We will be present in Shanghai as the main office and in Taizhou (an hour’s drive from Ningbo) as the operational headquarters.

The role of our partner will be to verify the analysis of the products according to European regulations, periodically inspect the productions, contact the carriers and solve any kind of issue that should emerge. We can therefore count on Italian and Chinese personnel who will work for us and in the client’s interest with the productions we will have in the central-northern areas of China.


Thanks to the agreement with our partner we can also guarantee greater security in the management of goods. Our employees will deal with customs issues related to goods imported from China and/or Asia in general.

With an efficient internal customs control, through our expert collaborators, we will be able to obtain personalized certifications on every single imported object. We will be able to issue a document certifying that the characteristics of the imported object are suitable for entry into Europe. This certification, for example accepted by the Italian customs, will therefore be accepted by all European customs.

Everything we have done so far and everything we do is the result of a close collaboration between our team and the artists who work with us exclusively.

In the video you will see the technique used to create a character. All this is the result of a great job 100% Made in Italy